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Group News

5/18/2021: Congrats, Autumn! Your important advocacy work was highlighted here UMBC News including being named LQBTQ+ Scholar of the Year in 2021.

4/12/2021: Our manuscript on kaolinite surface adsorbates has been published in Applied Clay Science! Congratulations Jessica and Ryan. Link to Appl. Clay. Sci. paper

4/9/2021: Congratulations to everyone who’s won a UMBC Dept of Chemistry & Biochemistry Award! Aaliyah won the UMBC Dept of Chemistry and Biochemistry Satterfield award, Autumn was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa and won the UMBC Dept of Chemistry Mittino Award for Service, and Ryan won the UMBC Dept of Chemistry & Biochemistry Victor Vitullo Award for Research.

4/8/2021: Congratulations, Aaliyah on winning an ACS Computers in Chemistry Award for your presentation

4/1/2021: Congratulations, Aaliyah on being selected to participate in the REU Program at UPenn’s LRSM this summer!

2/3/2021: Congratulations, Aaliyah on being selected to participate in the Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP) program this semester. For more information on the program, Click here to learn more about LSAMP

1/6/2021: Our manuscript on surface thermodynamics of lead oxides and carbonates has been published in Inorganic Chemistry!
Link to Inorg. Chem. paper

1/4/2021: The SCIART program begins today! We’re excited for the opportunity to link theory and art conservation.
Link to SCIART at UMBC

1/4/2021: Welcome aboard, Anthony Casale!

9/3/2020: Congratulations on passing your Literature Review, Mona!

8/27/2020: We are pleased to welcome undergraduate researchers Autumn Cook and Aaliyah Khan to the group!

8/15/2020: Congratulations on graduating UMBC this summer, Robert!

8/12/2020: Our manuscript on exploring new functional materials has been accepted to J. Phys. Chem. C.!
Link to JPCC paper

6/1/2020: Summer research is well underway

3/29/2020: We are pleased to welcome undergraduate researcher Ryan Grimes to the group!

3/15/2020: We are pleased to welcome undergraduate researchers Joshua Leginze and Robert Zochowski!

3/6/2020: Graduate Research Day was a success. Congratulations to all of the presenters!

11/18/2019: The final version of our first UMBC research paper titled “Surveying Polar Materials in the Inorganic Crystal Structure Database to Identify Emerging Polar Structure Types” is available!
Link to JSSC article

10/31/2019: Our first UMBC research paper was accepted!

09/27/2019: Dr. Mona Layegh officially joins the group, and will be co-mentored by Prof. Zeev Rosenzweig.

09/20/2019: Our NSF XSEDE Startup Request was approved! The two projects described in our proposal called “Atomistic Insights into Safer Water and Cleaner Energy from Density Functional Theory” will require a lot of computational horsepower over the next year.

08/26/2019: Dr. Mona Layegh begins her rotation. Welcome to DFT, Mona!

07/01/2019: Dr. Bennett arrives at UMBC